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Visual Defence Inc. First to Achieve US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SECURE Certification


RICHMOND HILL, ON, May 02, 2011 -- Visual Defence Inc., a leading provider of integrated security solutions is pleased to announce that it is the first and only organization, to date, to achieve a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SECURE (System Efficacy through Commercialization, Utilization, Relevance and Evaluation) certification, administered by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate.

Visual Defence Inc. was one of several participants in the US DHS SECURE Program. SecureEye - a Blast Resistant, Forensic, Surveillance, IP Camera and "black box" memory module underwent rigorous testing and evaluation in accordance with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Commercialization Operational Requirements Document (C-ORD) entitled the Blast Resistant Autonomous Video Equipment (BRAVE) Project.

The BRAVE Project was a unique public/private partnership between the US Department of Homeland Security and Visual Defence Inc., to develop and test a video system, designed for use in mass transit vehicles (buses, trains, light rail and trolleys) with the demonstrated ability to withstand a catastrophic blast.

The Visual Defence SecurEye was subjected to a series of intensive tests over a two year period. These tests included critical evaluations conducted by the by the U.S. Army Test Center, Aberdeen, MD. One representative test had the SecurEye subjected to catastrophic blast including shrapnel via an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Another exposed the device to the intense heat of a diesel fuel fire in order to gauge resilience.

The Department of Transportation - Volpe Center conducted several field, pilot-tests in mass transit systems within United States. The chosen test sites represented the extreme environments the systems operation may be subject to in order to assure the resilience of the application during normal operation.

The Visual Defence SecurEye was designed to meet detailed specifications and rigorous requirements outlined by the US DHS in concert with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) for the transportation sector. In addition to the rigorous performance and operational test criteria, the unit was required to be palm size and competitively priced.

SecurEye is a robust security device suitable for a variety of applications including both mobile and fixed use installations, highly vulnerable public spaces, areas that are susceptible to various threats including but not limited to terrorist, criminal activities or industrial mishaps.

"Prior to SecurEye, there was not a low-cost, blast-resistant camera module in existence," said Vicki Vey Looney, GM & VP Business Development, Visual Defence USA, Inc. "Visual Defence leveraged our company's body of knowledge gained while working with clients in the Transportation Sector to develop a solution that could be easily deployed in either mobile (buses, trains, light rail and trolleys) or fixed installations (stations platforms, tunnels and bridges)."

Visual Defence Inc. is the first company to receive the SECURE Certification from the US DHS. "We are thrilled about this significant achievement and honored to be formally recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security" said Leslie Barnes, Marketing Manager, Visual Defence Inc.