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Optimize passenger flow while ensuring safe, secure and efficient airport operations.

Safe, Secure and Efficient Airport Operations

If you were to ask someone today what they expect from airport security, you would receive a considerably different response than if you had asked the same question 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. A great number of changes have occurred during the past 10 and 5 years. By far the principal factors are our expectations of and approaches to airport and air travel security. For the most part, these expectations have been driven and influenced by worldwide terrorist activities.

Airport authorities and agencies, including private enterprises and governments around the world responsible for airport and air travel security, have responded to these terrorist threats by implementing a host of different strategies. By applying a forward thinking approach that encompasses a holistic and technology-based view of what a security plan should include, these strategies are conceived to address the complexities of security today along with an eye on tomorrow.

Today's multi-layered and multi-tiered security blueprint, which includes different stakeholders and regulatory requirements, takes into account threats extending beyond the terminal to include the entire airport complex and its perimeter.

Some of the challenges associated with airport security include:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Developing a comprehensive security strategy
  • Selecting technology that is scalable and that integrates well with existing solutions and infrastructure while using open platforms
  • Improving and controlling vehicle and passenger flow
  • Ensuring the passenger experience is a positive one

In multi-tenant facilities, a system capable of sharing resources (e.g., cameras) with multiple stakeholders provides cost savings and flexibility. This type of flexibility allows resources to be used for a range of applications including security and operations without compromising critical activities.

The presence of roving security personnel having the ability to receive incident alerts through a portable device (WIFI or Cellular) enables rapid deployment.

Technology-based solutions to help you achieve your objectives include:

  • Implementing Intelligent Video Analytics and Surveillance Systems
  • Leveraging multi-tenant capabilities
  • Integrating Analog and Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Cameras in hybrid environments
  • Integrating baggage screening and handling systems (e.g., RFID & EDS) systems
  • Monitoring and tracking capabilities
  • Mapping capability; alerting the operator the exact location of an alarm

Visual Defence's strength in tailoring scalable software technology and systems integration expertise in airport security has a proven track record. With a wide range of professional services, Visual Defence can help you define, integrate and implement a complete turnkey solution.