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Fleet management

Manage the movement of mobile assets and improve operations with an integrated tracking solution.

Optimizing operations and supply chain management, with real-time access to mission critical data, can often mean the difference between profit and loss. Visual Defence collaborates with clients to create an open platform and customized Fleet and Asset Management solution that ensures the logistics process is both profitable and secure.

Whether tracking vehicles, cargo, or both, the delivery of information from a number of different sources into a common management system allows for productive and intelligent management from a central location. With the ability to converge information from a truly limitless number of sub-systems (e.g., GPS, RFID, sensors, cameras, etc.) to meet your particular business objectives, Visual Defence's Fleet and Asset Management solutions allow you to:

  • Monitor the status and location of trucks, buses and armoured vehicles as well as cargo and fixed assets
  • Measure compliance with defined business rules (e.g., vehicle speed, idle limits, seat-belt usage, and route deviation)
  • Provide an audit trail to ensure shipments meet legislative requirements (e.g., temperature control)
  • Maximize the safety and security of drivers and cargo with on-board cameras, panic buttons and defined emergency response procedures
  • Optimize fleet maintenance with engine diagnostics
  • Reduce insurance premiums through insurance credits and improved claims history

Visual Defence’s converged security and management solutions can be tailored to meet virtually any need. Our core competency is the ability to design a customized central management layer for all sub-systems and edge devices.

In addition, Visual Defence can provide comprehensive consulting services, assessments and training.