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Ensure the safety and security of a hospital, its staff, patients and visitors alike with a comprehensive security strategy.

Visual Defence understands the financial, staffing and regulatory challenges facing health care facilities today. The need for increased security measures to protect buildings and infrastructure, employees, patients and all other persons that come and go on a daily basis requires a comprehensive strategy.

A complete assessment is a critical element in your strategic security plan. The addition or upgrade to a comprehensive integrated security system is designed to help you achieve today's demanding security requirements.

Integration with existing systems and augmenting existing security resource effectiveness contributes to both your return on investment and total cost of ownership, while also achieving your security goals.

From design to implementation, the following recommendations warrant your consideration:

  • Expertise in integrating new security solutions with legacy systems
  • Scalable solutions capable of meeting current and future needs
  • Event management coupled with a mapping functionality to pinpoint the locations of events and to enable the rapid deployment of security personnel and emergency services
  • Workflows that ensure a security operator's response to an event/alarm is consistently compliant with policies and procedures
  • Monitor parking facilities and provide a two-way intercom communications system
  • Secure and monitor all entrances and exits including controlled access areas
  • Protect the building's environment from airborne chemical, biological and radiological threats (e.g., outdoor air intakes, HVAC systems, water and all other mechanical systems)
  • Capacity to communicate with external emergency services

Visual Defence's Physical Security Video Management Solutions can be tailored to meet virtually any need. Our core competency is the ability to design a customized central management layer for all security and building management edge devices. Comprehensive security consulting services, assessments and training are also available.