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Visual Defence has adopted the following quality policy. We promote the awareness and understanding of this policy throughout the organization by integrating this message into meetings, training activities and employee orientation programs. We re-enforce our adoption of this policy by displaying it in prominent positions throughout the organization.

Quality Policy
We are committed to providing superior customer service through technical leadership, product quality and on time/on budget delivery.
Our goals will be realized with a focus on customer expectations, changing market needs and continual improvement of our processes and people.

To ensure this policy is realized, the following organizational objectives have been established:

  • Regular reviews of our strategies and business practices to ensure we are delivering what our customers expect;
  • Monitoring and responding to changes in technology;
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement of our operational processes;
  • Application of new technology to support our customer;

Visual Defence is committed to a Quality Management System which meets the International Quality Management System Standard ISO9001:2008.